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Drug Yul, the Dragon kingdom, as Bhutan is known, is perhaps the last of the “Shangri-La”. The kingdom that has been hidden for centuries has preserved a wealth of sights. This small Himalayan kingdom has a population of 600,000 people. Bhutan follows lamias and it is still a way of life. Bhutan situates between china in the north and India in the south has preserved a unique charm to offer you once in your lifetime. It is a country of Nature, culture and Tradition. For Trekkers Bhutan is paradise in it real sense. Trekkers through the hill slopes of the country means treading through the rare Botanical plants, encountering colorful birds and rare animals like Takin and Blue sheep. Bhutan is also known for it’s colorful festivals with mask dances depicting its rich cultural heritage with deep-rooted religious meaning.

Inside Bhutan