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What to see in Jungle Safari

What To See

The park has been covered by 70% shores Robusta ( Sal), 20% Grassland, 7% Riverine Forest (sishoo, khair etc.), 3% Pinus Rox Burgii.

Commonly seen in this park are the one horned Rhinoceros, the Royal Bengal Tiger, Wild Boar, Gaur, Neelgai ( blue cow), Wild Elephant, antelope, Striped Hyena, Pangolin, Chital, Hog, Deer, Ratel, Barking Deer, Common Leopard, Sloth Bear, Ratel, Civet, Wild Dog, Langur, Rhesue etc. among the reptiles include the Monitor, Lizard, Python, Cobra, etc. and more than 45 species of amphibians.

The park contains more than 450 specious of birds. Among the endangered birds found in the park are the bengal Horizon, Giant Hornbill, Lesser Floricon and Black and White Stork. The other birds like the Peacock, Red Jungle Fowl, Heron, Kingfisher, Wood Pecker, Flycatcher etc., are also popular.

Elephant Safari
As graceful as they are majestic, elephant are the traditional means of searching out the elusive animals of the Terai. The skill of our elephant in tracking down the one horned rhino will amaze you and if lucky, encounters with the Royal Bengal Tiger will be an experience never forgotten.

The jungle can be peaceful as well as exciting and a trip down the Rapti in traditional dugout canoes allows you to experience Chitwan and its most tranquil. Birds flock along the river’s course, crocodiles back on the banks and deer come down to drink as you float past.

Nature Walk
Our trained naturalist will interpret the hidden secrets of the jungle as you walk through ancient groves or perch in a strategically located watch tower to observe game grazing or drinking at pools.

Bird Walk
Once again travel out with our naturalists, early in the morning, as they show you many of the more than 350 species of birds they have identified in the park.

Cultural Tours
The Tharus are the original settlers of Chitwan, coexisting with the wild animals in total isolation until the late 1950’s. a visit to their village is a step back in time, to away of life hundreds of years old.

Folk Dances
After a delicious Nepalese buffet, the raw power of the jungle is brought to the fireside as you witness the unique Tharu Stick Dance. This energetic dance is a musical history of the Tharus detailing their life in the jungle, and handed down from one generation to the next.