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Cultural Study

Even as Asia modernizes beyond her cities toward the farthest reaches of mountain, jungle and desert, the absolute diversity and richness of her cultural heritage is still being uncovered and revealed. There is yet so much to discover, to see and to experience. But, as with all jewels, one needs to know where to look.
At Discover Treks we don’t want to just “show you the sights”. It’s not enough, and it’s not our way. We coordinate our trip calendar with all the significant national and regional festivals, as well as with other more local religious and cultural events, affording the opportunity to experience our destinations at their best and most aesthetically diverse.

Whether your interest is participating in the customs and traditions of religious and seasonal festivals, in admiring ancient works of art or meeting today’s urban artisans, we will accommodate you.

We have, and continue, great pleasure and long reputation in helping to arrange, organize and coordinate all types of specialized artistic events – from concept, venue-planning, participants, logistics, through creating the right ambiance and interaction, right down to the fine-tuning of last details.
Whether it be a unique inter-cultural specialized event, a group with a special interest, or even an addition to a regular tour group’s other activities in our part of Asia – we have the contacts, the experience and the expertise to arrange it for you.

The Potters of Nepal are adept at making terra-cotta and glazed earthenware. They equally supply life’s mundane necessities (terra-cotta bowls, cups, vessels and even water supply pipes), to beautiful religious household adornments, and their own personal artistic flights of fantasy and wonder. For those interested in pottery, working with them, learning from them and sharing with them is the experience of a lifetime. Simple tools, simple materials, agile minds and extraordinary results.
Learn the casting of bronze, copper and brass statuary using the ancient “lost-wax method”, practice the moulding and engraving of these malleable metals with artisans who still produce the world’s finest in Hindu and Buddhist statuary, symbols and physical representation.

In weaving, you can learn to cast raw wool or to spin cotton using a simple wheel, and come to grips with the intricacies of pattern and design in hand-loom Tibetan and Nepalese carpets. Or sit with woodworkers, whose skills have been honed from long years of apprenticeship to the masters in intricate curve and filigree of the traditional carved doors, windows and lattice furnishings.

We also offer specialized classes in the ancient art of religious scroll painting called Paubha (Thankha)