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Trekking in nepal

Teeming capital, outside the Kathmandu. Nepal is a land of remote mountain villages, where people survive by growing their own food on the thousands of hill terraces that scale even the steepest slopes where mechanized farming is unheard. The fields is ploughed by water-buffalo, the corn is harvested and threshed by hand and grounded by water mills. If you stay in a trekking lodge, your bread will likely as not be made from flour ground that day, your vegetables freshly harvested from the fields.

Since 1950, Nepal has been an unique place for mountaineers from all over the world. Some have come to scale an unconquered peak, others to undertake scientific research in the high mountains. Today, Nepal meets tourists of many nationalities; some come to complete an energetic trek or high adrenaline rafting trip, others to enjoy the peace and cultural richness of Nepal’s lower slopes and valleys. You can visit villages that are ten days trek from the nearest road, or ones that can be reached in two hours.

Nepal is a land of extreme topographical, climatic and ecological contrasts. South of the central Himalayas, this mountain kingdom with an area of 147,181 sq. km, varies in altitude from the plain of 100m. To 8848m, the height of Mt. Everest, within a short span of less than 200 km. Biodiversity ranges from tropical to sub-tropical to alpine flora and fauna within that short north -south axis. Few countries in the world might have such a vast range of natural beauty crammed into a small area. The kingdom is a reign of natural and adventure opportunities are many.

TREKKING For tourists with no prior experience of trekking, soft trekking routes amidst sprawling tribal villages with sweeping views of green hills and snowy peaks are available around Kathmandu and Pokhara. The trek starts from roadhead, goes up the hill until a panoramic view unfolds before the eyes and winds back to the comfort of the city on the same day or camping overnight on a ridge for view of sunrise over the snowy massif and coming down to the city the next day. Friendly and smiling Sherpas take care of you during the trip.

For trekkers with varied tastes, Nepal is the ultimate area. You can trek up to the foot of the great Himalayan ranges, such as Mt. Everest, Langtang and Annapurna or make a circuit of the highest mountains. You can also get beyond the mountains in Tibet — like arid landscape with ancient culture such as upper Dolpa and Mustang. Nepal is a gateway to adventure in Tibet and Bhutan.

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