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Pashmina From Nepal

Pashmina is considered to be among the softest wool found in nature. Sheared from the mountain goats (Chyangra in Nepali) of the high Himalayas, Pashmina products are world renowned for their exotically silky texture, lightness, and the warmth they emit. Nepal being the country of the Himalayas is naturally suited for Pashmina production.

Pashmina Shawls

Our pashmina shawls are hand woven by our professional and experienced weavers in traditional looms. We offer our shawls in different sizes and in wide variety of colours. We provide our customers with a colour chart from which they can choose the colour(s) for their orders. We also make the shawls according to our customers’ colour preferences.

Taking Care of Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina shawls are woven entirely by hands, they are extremely delicate and could get spoilt when washing if proper care is not taken. Professional dry cleaning is the best way to clean the shawls. However, cleaning them in washing machines can distort the shape and the quality of the shawls.

Directions for hand washing:

Brush gently to remove excess fiber.

Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent soap or with low pH hair shampoo.

Place on a towel and roll up together to squeeze out the water

To dry the shawl, place the shawl flat on the ground and let it air-dry. Lightly stretch and level the edges.

Use a soft brush width-wise to give the shawl a soft and fluffy feel.

Lightly press with steam iron.

Our major quality export products are following

Pure Pashmina: Shawl, Scarves, Blankets, Sweaters, Pullovers & Jacket
Silk Pashmina: Shawl, Scarves, Blankets
Cotton Pashmina: Shawl, Scarves, Blankets
Other Items Angora Pashmina, woolen pullovers, pure silk & pure cotton cloth, silk tie, natural fibre cloth.

We also deal in other Nepalese handicrafts such as masks, metal and wooden statues, Nepalese paintings, Thanka, Nepalese Jewllery and X-mas gifts item. If we have been able to arouse your interest, and you need samples, price list and other details about our product please contact us in the following address