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Shey Phoksundo National Park

It is the largest national park of Nepal, which covers an area of 3,555sq.kms. It is rich in trans Himalayan eco system which lies in the Dolpa and Mugu districts in western Nepal. The park consist the kanjiroba Himal and other peak, which is over 6,000 meters in height. Shey Monastery, the Phoksundo Lake and langu Gorge are also the major attraction of park. Blue pine, walnu, willow, oak, poplar and cypress are found in the lower southern parts. Pine, spruce, juniper and birch predominate makes up the major flora in the higher altitude. The alpine areas are vegetated by barberries, wild rose & caragona. The arid trans – Himalayan mountains are grassy alpine meadows to the north are almost devoid of trees. It is primal habitat for the snow leopard, sheeps, ghoral, musk deer, wild dog, wolf, marmot, weasel, mouse hare, rhesus, langur, Himalayan thar, screw, leopard, jackal, Himalayan black bear, yellow-throated marten & various species of birds. The park is inhabitedy people of Tibetan descent who are pre – Buddhist bon religion.

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